Thursday, March 24, 2011

E-Mail Marketing for the Masses...

Advertising and marketing are crucial to getting new business in the door of your company. But many companies we talk to have a limited or non-existent budget for advertising and marketing expenses. One of the worst places to cut costs in your business is in advertising and marketing. The staying power of your business depends on getting and keeping new customers. If you're finding your business in this predicament go ahead and cancel your yellow pages or phone book advertising, stop spending a fortune on TV and radio ads and start using the internet to effectively market your business.

E-mail campaigns are an effective way to reach large quantities of consumers for a small cost. The benefit of an e-mail marketing campaign is in the numbers. You may be thinking that most people will never open an e-mail advertisement or that it will be read and then deleted. This is true. On average about 3% of consumers read e-mail advertisements and follow through with a call to action. Our e-mail marketing campaigns are sent to a minimum of 200,000 consumers in your area for only $199 a month and a small setup fee. Even at a 3% success rate, thats a total of 6,000 potential customers going to your site each month at such a small cost. Contact Blair today or check out our site today to get started!

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